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Left Hotel (Xi'an Bell Tower) is located in Dongtak City, South Street. The surrounding dining and entertainment facilities are complete and convenient.

Left Hotel (Xi'an Bell Tower) is a boutique hotel with the theme of art and culture. It is an art-themed space that displays and sells post-modern, oil painting and literary art. Adhering to the creative ideas and business concepts of art, culture, fashion, and low-carbon, we create a unique world that is exclusive to you outside of the hustle and bustle.

After investigating various boutique hotels in the domestic and foreign markets, the founder of the hotel chose the location of the left hotel in the heart of the bell tower, invested tens of millions of dollars around the main theme of 'poetic habitat', and positioned it as an oil painting art boutique hotel, aiming to create a business The warm and stylish staying environment in the atmosphere will lead the development direction of a generation of boutique hotels.

The hotel has a business area of more than 6,800 square meters, and has more than 90 comfortable guest rooms full of artistic style. They are all equipped with comfortable 'Le.Art' bedding, high-speed internet and projection equipment for cinema vision, a bathing experience that awakens the mind and body, exquisite Functional facilities let you feel a different town! The hotel is committed to providing unique art tours, cultural tours and low-carbon tours for fellow city travelers, bar travelers, artists, and international guests!